Black Widow

Thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!

Photo Prompt © Liz Young

Black Widow

“I think we may have misjudged the situation,” I say.

“Ya think?” Lindsey asks.

“Who knew Widow Ingstrom would go raving mad over a Halloween decoration?”

“You did. You even said this would make her go bonkers.”

“I never meant bonkers bonkers.”

Downstairs Ma tries to console the Widow. “There, there,” she says.

Widow Ingstrom wails, indiscernible words hiccupping between sobs.

The scent of baking pumpkin pie wafts upward.

“I guess we won’t get any,” Lindy says, speaking my thoughts, her stomach growling.

“I never meant to kill him,” Widow Ingstrom yells, her voice dropping off suddenly.

Silence throbs.



Sascha Darlington 7/11/2018

47 thoughts on “Black Widow

  1. The children could never have imagined that their Halloween trick would bring a confession of murder from Widow Ingstrom. I guess the actual murder was years before, and the guilt had been festering.

    1. Thanks, Rochelle. This was definitely one where I struggled to get the whole story in 100 words (it was 130 at one point), although I think it turned out to be 99 with maybe too much subtlety? 🙂

  2. Oh-oh. Now that the secret’s out, it’ll be difficult to bury it, unless she puts poison in the pumpkin pie, and feeds it to her entire neighborhood 🙂

  3. An intriguing take on the prompt Sascha. I was a bit confused initially but the comments helped and it makes perfect sense. Except for the bit about wanting pumpkin pie 😉

  4. I loved the line, “I never meant bonkers bonkers.” Until I got to your last line–and loved it even more. What a dark, mysterious and dastardly lovely last line! 🙂

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