Reality Check

This quadrille was written for dVerse where we are asked to ponder: “itch.”

Mosquito has been deep dream generated by Sascha Darlington


Reality Check


Summer’s finally here

Reading in the sunshine

Frozen icy delights

Evenings on the deck

spying golden fireflies


lemonade dreams

Star gazing schemes


Bite, bite

on the ankle, wrist, thigh

itching everywhere

even where no mosquito alights.

Itch here, itch there.

Itching freaking everywhere.



Sascha Darlington 7/16/2018


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  1. Yes, there is a price to be paid for the solitude of outdoors. What is funny to me is that we never used to even notice, especially because the house was so hot, a few bites were just not worth worrying over. We played well into the night, and then sat on porches talking to neighbors. Miss those days sometimes, but air conditioning is so wonderful!

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  2. no mozzies here, just wasps of which 3 bit me and I’m allergic. Guess what! Cut an onion in slices and tape to the bite and it pulls the stinger and you live! dang it worked! felt a bit shakey and lay down for a few but a ring that was 2 1/2 inches in diameter and puffed up went down in an hour. woot woot

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  3. Oh gosh tell me about it 😥 I have to be extra careful when I go exploring the woods in Summer .. those mosquitoes can be deadly!


  4. Laughing out loud at that last line! 🙂
    And nostalgic at your description of the fireflies….we LOVED them in the evenings in Iowa….where we raised our children with fresh tomatoes and sweet corn for our garden….and catching jars for fireflies and the occasional grasshopper! 🙂 No fireflies in Boston — living right in the city in a high rise, I step out onto our balcony and enjoy the city’s twinkling lights in all the buidings…urban fireflies! 🙂

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