The Aunt

The Aunt Dancing is deep dream generated by Sascha Darlington


The Aunt

The Aunt assembles phyllo shells filled with fig preserves and brie while sipping her Manhattan. Needing another jar of preserves, she slips behind the kitchen to the pantry where her niece’s voice reverberates.

“Aunt Mary is such a joke, especially when she drinks. She thinks she’s funny,” Ally says.

The Aunt halts.

“I know. Did you see her dancing at the wedding?”

“I know, right? She should act her age and lose weight.”

The Aunt hears them pouring more wine before returning to the party. Her eyes sting just for the barest of moments. She’s hurt, but she shrugs. The only time she’ll act her age is when she’s dead.




Sascha Darlington


7 thoughts on “The Aunt

  1. Ooh! This one hit hard. I identify with the Aunt. No, wait I am the Aunt. I am expected to be everything I’m not. I don’t even feel a certain age inside, how can I be expected to be it? This is just what I needed to read. Thank you Sascha! My eyes sting for a moment now, but with gratitude. ❤

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