Virtuous Sins #amwriting

Written for dVerse

Hell deep dream generated by Sascha Darlington

Virtuous Sins

Fire and brimstone

Wooden pews

Follow the path of righteousness

Be a saint not a sinner

Be virtuous, be pure

So much pressure for a child

The vision of screaming souls

Fire devoured, nightmares


Age enlightens

Opens eyes to hypocrisy

The real sinners masquerading

As virtuous pursuing lust

Beyond their heart

Stealing virtue, coveting

Coffers, so proud of job

Well done

Living this gray life

Somewhere in between

Knowing hell may already be here.


Sascha Darlington 7/18/2018

6 thoughts on “Virtuous Sins #amwriting

  1. What an absurdity that one could steal virtue. Does anyone actually believe they’ve obtained the real deal if only off the back of another? I agree age enlightens — if we want it to. Some choose to forever play the game of capture the flag up to and including its oppressive and violent versions. Also, what does ‘#amwriting’ mean?

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