Between Jewels and Rains


You sleep while I write words of love I keep hidden, jewels of no profit

Something happened

that’s what they always say




You cried once in your dream, I stroked your arm, but you didn’t know I was there

There’s a jagged chasm between us, of my doing, you’d say.

My behavior.

I don’t see the goddess; your perfect one.

I see the judging, the ego, the selfish,

the ghoul who creeps where death is near

who negotiates fate.

Thoughts closed.

I have grown tough. I have grown vulnerable. I rage too much. I weep too often.

And then, I meditate on the chirps of purple martins in the evening sky

I sleep alone, listening for thunder in the night and brutal winds and soft rains that never come.

And I do this



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