Thunder Rock of Ages

I forgot

How thunder echoed

Those ripples

Like shudders

How the sound seemed square

Like a box closing down

How it made me remember

Being young in a valley

Between soft-shouldered mountains

Where on Sundays

Religious music played on early mornings

Rock of Ages and blessings to the departed

Men with West Virginia accents, voices gentle spoke

Like the soft wind and goldfinches

Thunder rumbles around me

As it hasn’t in years

I welcome the sound

The way we do for something long lost and memorable

Cleanse our spirit

Find our souls

Angels bowling

Hold me close

Sascha Darlington

5 thoughts on “Thunder Rock of Ages

  1. Beautiful. I was raised Protestant, more or less Evangelical and the Gospel hymns of the South have a beauty all their own. Now that I’m Catholic and bad religious music has infiltrated The Mass, I have a special respect for the simple piety of these hymns,

    1. On Sundays when I was a kid in the mountains of West Virginia (no TV) it was the only possible music to hear in the morning. I don’t think I’m religiously affiliated any more but that music feels as if it has gone to the bone.

    1. Thank you, Steve. Yeah. An amazing world when you’re a little kid. We had no tv and the only radio played religious music early on Sundays. A whole nother world, except I guess it still exists in some places here.

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