Say, what?

I thought I chipped my tooth–must be very careful with imported wasabi peas, just sayin’. But in actuality I cracked my tooth and underwent 1.5 hours of dental work today, which left me pained and wrung out. The dentist is good. There just was no other way.

So my brain is once again taking a leave of duty because of pain, which I’m hoping Tylenol will quell when I go for my next helping…dosing, whatever the term is.

I’m not having a string of very good luck here, but it makes me appreciate when things are going well, I promise.

I hope to be back in action tomorrow. Many of you have made lovely comments on my work, and I want you to know I am not really ignoring you.

Image result for grimacing face emoji


8 thoughts on “Toothy

  1. Ugh! That stinks! I have wasabi peas that I like to munch on and a couple of times I thought, “Man, I am going to chip a tooth on one of these things! They are harsh! (But taste sooo good)” I’m tossing them. And hoping you feel a ton better real soon!

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    • There is a version I get in cans that seems as though they are not so dehydrated, but the ones I got were from Indonesia (I think) and some were as hard as pebbles. And, yep. I love the wasabi!
      Right now it’s just the soft tissue around the tooth that hurts so all is good as far as I’m concerned. Thank you! 🙂

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    • hehe. I told my dentist about the ENT who just spray some kind of numbing stuff on my throat before using a syringe and extracting pus and he said and dentists are the denigrated ones.
      Thanks. I’m already doing much better.


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