That Toothy Thing

I am still falling behind in responding to your comments. I hope that most of you who have commented on my stories actually follow me so you know that I’m not just being well…, er, oh, well.

I have been flagging. I don’t have tooth pain, but the soft tissue damage from the work done has actually been really annoying (= painful). And I haven’t wanted to be visiting my computer at all. I want to respond to everyone. But in the meantime, please know that I appreciate your comments.

I will prevail (lol…how’s that for melodramatic?).


3 thoughts on “That Toothy Thing

    1. I have attracted the attention of the mouth and throat god this month. Thank goodness there’s just one more day of it! We’ll focus on some other area (or none, none would be good!) for August. 😀
      Thanks, Dahlia!

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