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three line tales week 130: acrylic paints


How easy to blame it on a three-year-old, running amuck, tossing ingredients from the medicine cabinet and the refrigerator.

Harder still to know it was your husband, desperate for something that contained alcohol, anything at all.

And that three bottles of mostly drained NyQuil, distributed through medicine cabinets in the house, and a bottle of 20-year-old Scotch, a gift from your publisher, youโ€™d hidden in a package of Kotex, along with an untouched bottle of Percocet would be the undoing of a marriage, til death do us part, amen.



Sascha Darlington



11 thoughts on “Undoing

    1. I read about a country singer years ago who drank anything in his house that had alcohol in it. Terrifying reality. He died subsequently, but how sad and scary.
      Thanks, Phyllis.

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