Frustration in Silence

written for dVerse

While this isn’t the first direction my thoughts went considering silence and interaction, or lack thereof, it is the situation I currently find myself in.


Frustration in Silence

Maybe I should be concentrating

on silence, meditative stillness

but the neighbor boy biking by

screams incoherent words

at an unseen enemy

Tyler nextdoor barks his response

while I flip tabs on my computer

anything but write this novel

suddenly piecing itself together

then silence except for my fingers

clacking on keys, error, backspace

undo, if life had an undo, but no

too easy. And I whisper “silence”

but even in silence noises echo:

traffic on 495, creaking house

vents settling after the AC shuts down

the click of dog nails on hardwood

then the AC shifts on, sparrows chirp

my fingers clack, still not on the novel

my gaze flips the tab to Sunset


Sascha Darlington

19 thoughts on “Frustration in Silence

  1. You have shown that there is no silence at all. Even in the quietest situation, there seems to be noises of some kind. Seems in addition our heads are talking to us all the time. Frustrating for sure! Good job!

    1. Thank you, Dwight. The only time I’ve ever experienced complete silence was in a cave, a literal cave.
      I did think to do another poem for this one. Such a good subject you selected! I think most of us could use moments of silence in a world where there is so much noise that we never have a moment to be at peace with ourselves.

      1. You are so right. Noise everywhere! Even on the sidebars of our computers. Another one… go for it! It will be a great one.

  2. I think every writer has been there, where our concentration is so tenuous that every little noise tears us away. Or is out concentration so heightened that we pick up on every little noise? Yeah, it’s probably the former.

      1. Make sure the click, clack, clack, ding isn’t too distracting for you.

        I think we all acquire ADD in some form eventually.

  3. Its hard to find silence when one lives in a city. But I find that when I am working and concentrating on the task at hand, I can’t be distracted by noises as I tune it out. Thanks for joining in.

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