Squirrel Tales aka Squirrel Without Tail

I have not shared a squirrel tale in a bit so without further adieu.

squirrel without tail

I watched over the course of a week, or maybe a bit more, the disintegration of this little lady’s fluffy tale. I don’t know how it started, an animal attack is my best guess, but who knows. And you can tell by the fact that she has her back to the camera that she’s not in any hurry to tell.

We’re fattening her up for the winter because without that tail she’s going to be a little bit colder.

The one thing I can tell you is that a squirrel without a tail noticeably hops like a rabbit. They probably always hop like rabbits but the tail masks the motion….

Or not.

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  1. Oh my! I’ve seen missing tails on chipmunks (their tails actually break off when grabbed) but I’ve never seen this on squirrels. I suspect she’s off-balance without her tail which may be why she hops or her gait is now different. Squirrels communicate with their tails so poor baby is definitely handicapped. Good thing you’re looking after her. 🙂

    • She’s more skittish than the others. I’ll look out for her as well as she will let me. I didn’t realize that like dogs, squirrels tails are used for communication.

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