Going to Seed

Thank you to Rochelle for providing this prompt for Friday Fictioneers!

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Going to Seed

We sit under the maple in Adirondack chairs, sipping fruity rum drinks, your own invention, while a soft breeze stirs the humid air like a spoon in a cauldron.

Your hair’s gray, I noticed recently, and lines crease your face. Sometimes when I glance in the mirror, I really look, not just presume I know my image. When did these crevices appear?

Was it yesterday when rum drinks would lead to afternoon passion? Now they make my eyelids heavy and the house finch’s serenade a lullaby, which has already taken you to dreams, soft snores conveying your travels.


Sascha Darlington


28 thoughts on “Going to Seed

  1. Your story seems almost flawless to me. It has beautiful descriptive writing and a very honest viewpoint without a trace of self-pity. The way you sum up the couple’s ageing together by contrasting afternoons of passion with their present drowsy state is very effective and touching. It leaves me feeling how wonderful the enduring love between a married couple can be. Kudos!


  2. This is beautiful, tender, and very realistic. We’re all stuck with that image of ourselves that doesn’t change much over the years. All of a sudden an honest look into the mirror reveals that old stranger…


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