Big Yellow Tent

This was written for Carrot Ranch. Many thanks to Charli!

Big Yellow Tent

Have you ever heard sunshine in laughter?

It was moments before I saw her, head tilted back, laughing up into the cerulean sky so free-spirited that I was charmed.

But then there was her big scary yellow tent.

“Hello,” I said, always great with words.

She grinned. “Hello, yourself.”

“What’s with the tent?”

“It’s my big yellow taxi.”


“Where’re you from?”


“Scotland. Ever heard of Joni Mitchell?”

I shook my head. Politician? Actress? Reality TV?

“One of the greatest singer/songwriters who ever existed.”


“My big yellow taxi takes me away.”

And, somehow, it took me too.


Sascha Darlington

12 thoughts on “Big Yellow Tent

  1. You get bug points for the Joni Mitchell tie-in. You could gave gone Yellow Submarine, but that’s not worth as many points in my random, arbitrary point system.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Yep, you’re right. Where would this big yellow tent take them? Would they stick together? Destined for a long distance relationship? Maybe they’d end up in Aruba.

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