Maybe It’s Me, But

I’ve been watching this cheese.

No laughs.

No smiles. No songs. No dance.

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Review: Not entertained at all. Maybe it’s better eaten.


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15 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Me, But

  1. I have carried out an exhaustive study of cheese, Sascha, and I can confirm that, although it can be marginally entertaining on boring days, it almost never moves. That is why we say ‘cheese’ for photos, so that we are completely still. When it does move, I have found that it usually involves a mouse, or several, either inside or underneath.

      1. Look, seriously, who knows? I’ve seen cheese doing press interviews. But generally that would depend on the mice, and the most you could hope for is a little squeaking and line dancing.

      2. cheese doing interviews. It must be stilton, it’s the only one strong enough to stand on its own….except for the smelly, smelly cheeses that I don’t eat….or even know the name of just on principal’s sake. πŸ˜€ (I’m back.)

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