Summer’s End

Written for dVerse

Summer’s End

As I sit here, the sounds are three: Scout changing position and then sharply shaking; the steady hum of the air conditioner; and the cricket chorus you might ignore unless attuned to nature.

Unlike the harsh chatter of cicadas heard recently on a heat-filled day, crickets remind that the days are growing shorter, the warmth is to be embraced, savored, because cold will too soon come, and the voices of crickets will be shuttered, and the night will be hushed, still, cold.

The cricket chorus

August night’s gentle layer.

Summer passes so.


Sascha Darlington

3 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Sascha, this so beautifully describes what the evenings are like now. The haiku is perfect and I love the inclusion at the beginning of what three sounds you are hearing, especially Scout!

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