A Busy Week


Louie the Loaner Dog’s Summer Visit

I did think that once I returned from the beach I would be more in evidence this week, but it didn’t turn out as planned. By now, especially since you all are privy to my “I’m Back!” posts, you’d think I would have learned; you all probably have, but I seem to need longer.

This past week brought Louie, whom you may remember visited me last Thanksgiving for three weeks. Also, I went fossil hunting along the Potomac River in Maryland, I’ll share a few pics once I get things sorted (I promise). I’ve tried to catch up on reading. Oh, yeah, and work. Back at work. So it was a busy, busy week…not to mention dining out and visiting breweries as a our British visitor was still here. Hopefully, I’ll have road trip pics up soon too. I feel lucky to have a Louie pic to put up today. Unfortunately, Louie goes home tomorrow and, as usual, his delightful 5-pound presence will be missed.

I hope you all had a great week and weekend. After some beautiful days, we’re back to heat and humidity…not that I’m going to complain. Have a great week!

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