Summer’s Betrayal

Written for dVerse

A Sascha Darlington photo Deep Generated.

Summer’s Betrayal

Cicadas, katydids, crickets

take over the night

their songs varied, comforting

the last colors of evening

spilled from the sky

fallen to earth’s duskiness

I vowed to treasure each day, season,

but summer’s passing feels betraying

as if it steals breath from my days.


Sascha Darlington

17 thoughts on “Summer’s Betrayal

  1. Tis true, we can often feel betrayed by a season which leaves too soon when we are enjoying its gifts…for me it is Autumn that often betrays me…nice poem.

  2. I’m with Dorianna; although my bones already feel the betrayal of summer, I’m an autumn person. But I also love the sounds of summer, which permeate your quadrille, Sascha.

    1. Yes. I love the changing seasons all the smells and sights, but there’s something about summer ending, the school year beginning, maybe it goes back to being a kid, but this always feels like a new year and the end of the old.

  3. Well written! And I can sure tell you, if you were in Boston today, the last days of summer would indeed steal your breath away….or maybe we should steel ourselves to make our way through it. 98 degrees today and humidity, they say, makes it feel like 105. UGH!

    1. I heard a lot from England that it was unpleasant, especially since you all aren’t really used to the temps and don’t have houses fitted for it. Our heat index today was 105F and then there was a brief rain and I swear it became a sauna outside. However, I still find it better than 20F with wind swirling while walking the dog. 🙂

  4. summer is always associated with promises and when it doesn’t stay we do feel betrayed, is that why there’s a phrase summer love? beautiful poem Sascha, I love the colour in your words.

    1. You are so right and that didn’t occur to me. We don’t say: well this winter I’m going to do this and that…it’s always summer…so much pressure to make it memorable or lived well. Thanks, Gina! 🙂

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