Life in the Rearview Mirror

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PHOTO PROMPT © Nathan Sowers grandson of our own Dawn M. Miller



Life in the Rearview Mirror

I see our cabin in my rearview mirror, where it can’t possibly be.

I’ve flourished, if salary and job status indicate, schmooze, sip dry martinis, flirt on balconies overlooking DC’s skyscape, the sound of sirens echoing like funeral dirges.

On the GW Parkway, trees reflect in mirrors. I see you pleading and remember the starkness of sex on a mossy meadow in blinding sunshine. You always presumed I could never be more.

My boss slides his hand to my thigh. I stare at his furry fingers. His eyes beseech.

My cell shivers: come home.

Suddenly, all I feel is depleted.

Sascha Darlington


33 thoughts on “Life in the Rearview Mirror

  1. Powerful, life’s choices can be harsh, it sounds like it is time for her to move away, pronto

  2. I get the feeling she’s seeking approval and fulfillment in the wrong places. This is only going to end with her feeling like crap about herself! Well written story Sascha

  3. Dear Sascha,

    I wonder how many men feel they have to use the same methods to achieve success. I suspect not. Furry fingers made me think of a gorilla. But then maybe she thinks of her boss this way. Nicely done.



  4. The saddest part of this, is it doesn’t sound like there is much waiting at home either – starkness of sex sounds none too appealing over the furry fingers…

  5. If the present time feels uncomfortable it’s tempting to look back fondly on the past instead of changing the future. The voice of the narrator, unconvinced about the worth of her current lifestyle, is great.

  6. An enjoyable and colorful piece, Sascha. Future past and future present, but seriously, the cabin needs some work, although I agree a change is needed. My recommendation would be swapping out martinis for something more organic, say an Islay single malt.

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