Summer and Dog

This was written for dVerse. Thanks, Frank, for today’s prompt of heartbreak and frustration.

Photo by Sascha Darlington, Deep Dream Generated


Summer and Dog

The day is short

cicadas and crickets

mark moments chattering

before burying themselves

this song their last life essence.


The evening is hot still

lending thoughts of summer

and the dog-sized hole

in my chest refusing to shrink.


I never speak aloud the words

of missing, of heartbreak;

who would understand

except a like soul, human mother

to heart dog?


A hardness accumulates in people

“what did you expect?”

Alas, I didn’t. I just loved,

the way you do when love returns

without obligation, unconditionally,


and understanding builds between

two species, one who cannot

live long enough,

another with too much

love to spare.


And time does not heal,

not such breaks, not easily,

but does, if possible, sweeten

memories of summer and dog.



35 thoughts on “Summer and Dog

  1. Awwww – the loss is palpable. I remember how long afterwards I still heard the jingle of his collar, his pitter patter on the floor, would rise at night to let him out, only he was gone. Hugs.

  2. “and the dog-sized hole/in my chest refusing to shrink”: This bit is so evocative.
    Time doesn’t necessarily heal; yes, it sweetens the memories and their pain and sometimes even that can be overbearing. This heartbreak is beautifully inscribed in your words through the end of summer motifs.

  3. Nice lines: “the dog-sized hole

    in my chest refusing to shrink.” I also liked “human mother

    to heart dog?” I remember a dog from decades ago–I still remember him.

  4. Oh my goodness, Sascha, you’ve brought tears to my eyes. I know that dog-sized hole in your chest so well, even after more than seven years it refuses to shrink.I love the phrase ‘human mother to heart dog’.

  5. Dogs (and all animals) really do a number on our heart when they leave us. I might have a dog-sized hole in my heart too. I loved this.

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