The Golden Years


The Golden Years

I fell asleep–

which must be

the explanation

of finding myself

here, years gone

gray tinged roots

creased friendsโ€™ faces

children with children.

And this visage staring

in the mirror, me?

Or my mother?

Do I share her bitter-

ness, her discontent?

Bile rises, lost days,

moments, fears

Breathe in.

You are here

Your eyes still blue

Your sweet smile lopsided,

Your humor available

Your hair now silver

If all my lost scattered days

secreted a celestial rainbow

certainly you must be the gold.


Sascha Darlington

22 thoughts on “The Golden Years

  1. i surprise myself when i look in the mirror or even a photograph of me, who is she? who is this girl/woman? your words will resonate with a multitude of women – beautiful Sascha!

  2. Love this – I think I fell asleep too. I really don’t recognise the person that stares back at me from the mirror – but I have accepted her.
    Anna :o]

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