Roll of the Dice (2)

Someone suggested a second version of this tale. And, I do take requests, so here it is.

Roll of the Dice (2)

“Hon, I can’t find my passport.”

My neat-freak, habitual husband couldn’t find his passport? I dried my hands on the dishcloth and went upstairs, where a multitude of manila folders were spread out across the carpet. Louis’ eyes were glassy with panic. I knew how important this international meeting was to him, so I didn’t make my usual acerbic joke.

“When did you last have it?” I asked.

“When I came back from England.”

“Not since then?”

We searched everywhere: coats, luggage, files. Nothing.

“Maybe someone snatched it off you when you were going through customs…or you dropped it,” I said. “Did you check your car? See if it fell under your seat?”

He returned moments later waving his passport. “I found it! Crap, I’ve got to finish packing.”

We hustled through his packing, sure we must have forgotten something, except his passport. We kissed briefly and then he left, me waving from the doorway.

I poured a glass of wine and asked Alexa to play my radio station. I cleaned up the kitchen, made the dog’s dinner, and then heard about the plane crash, my brain only half-working until I heard that the flight left Dulles for Heathrow. The glass of wine dropped from my fingers.



Sascha Darlington

4 thoughts on “Roll of the Dice (2)

  1. I enjoyed both versions, Sascha. Not that I don’t care about the husbands, although I suppose I’d choose the obsessive one to go down in flames. 😸 I forgot my passport once, overnight flight to an important meeting in Japan. A friend drove me back to pick it up and I made it. He drove down a one-way street in the inner city the wrong way to save time, that part is etched in my memory. BTW, now that I know you take requests, I have something in mind 🐊🐊🐊 Joking. Of course.

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