Summer Sestet

written for dVerse

butterfly art

Photo by Sascha Darlington


Summer Sestet

Braids of brandy hair charming

Child, of innocent laughter joyous

Days, sunshiny summers, effortless

Evenings, chasing flickering

Fireflies until summerโ€™s final whisper:



Sascha Darlington

52 thoughts on “Summer Sestet

      1. You are so awesome, Sascha. Your writing has changed, grown, morphed and it’s brilliant. Is it me being observant, finally? or just the simple fact you’ve blossomed astronomically?

      2. I’m so glad! It’s what I’ve seen through your writing. The depth of characters the humour, the honesty, the reality of the people and how they respond is simply touching and amazing. Of all the people I follow, you are the one person who has grown in leaps and bounds. Many have changed but not to the extent you have. I only wished that I could change as much. Seriously!

      3. For me, the thing that has helped the most is writing flash fiction that needs to tell a story in 100 words. I think I’ve learned to utilize better word choice that way. And, thank you. I’ve got to catch up with your writing, but I’m certain that all of this practice for us can only make us better writers! ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. Your so right. I’ve got to do watch for more 100 word stories because they are so much fun and get “you” meaning me, out of a rut of writing one particular way ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. I was nervous about mentioning it because I was concerned you might be offended. Some people feel their writing is the bomb, and it’s good but not awesome. You have leaped to new plateaus, several in fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

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