Structural Integrity

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


Structural Integrity

Once upon a time we spent whatever waking available hours with each other. We discovered each other’s bodies, brains, enjoyed intimacy and discussions, hiked and played like grown children.

Now he uses tweezers to build tiny intricate buildings, carefully gluing structures, painting facades, creating a miniature world complete with lights and moving water while never realizing how the structure that was us erodes a little more each day.




30 thoughts on “Structural Integrity

  1. so good and sadly – this happens to so many couples –
    – and the flow of your writing was nice – by the time i got to “replete” I was so engaged

  2. Taking too much for granted can backfire horribly as your story so clearly shows. The new love fascination can’t last, own interests need to be explored, but letting the together go completely is very sad.

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