After All This Time

Thanks to Bikurgurl for 100 Word Wednesday! Here’s what happens when the song you’re listening to and a prompt collide.

After All This Time

I’m browsing titles in an airport shop when the song comes on. In a fit of paranoia, I think you must be here, watching, knowing. Glancing around, I see no one I recognize. So many bodies steadfastly moving in one direction, their goal the end of their travel.

After all this time, you’re always on my mind.

I grip the poetry book, move to the cashier.

Days I could have killed you.

My hand shakes. The cashier stares at me.

Glassy-eyed, I murmur. “I have to go.”

I still love you.

Speed-dial connects us. “I can’t leave you.”

“Come home.”



Sascha Darlington




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