This Harbor

Update: Posted the wrong url. I was really not supposed to share this. 😀

Do you believe in cosmic intervention? Okay, I admit it. I am sometimes overly superstitious, believe in signs that may or may not be there. And I wonder what it means when I look at a clock three days it a row in the afternoon and it reads 2:34. It’s got to mean something, right? Or maybe my subconscious is at work and it compels. That’s not quite as dramatic though, is it?

So what does this have to do with anything? I wrote this piece last night and then the lights went out, literally. Which, of course, meant my wifi went out and, bingo, no internet so I couldn’t post the piece. Did that mean the poetry was so bad that the gods were intervening? Did that mean I needed to rethink? Well, let’s find out. Because I’m about to post it and if the lights don’t go out….

This was written for dVerse.

This Harbor

In winter’s darkest days,

as sadness, stress coalesce,

her safe harbor embraces

as ocean’s ebb and flow

drains despair.


He’s stolen sanctuary

her intentions to not harbor

resentment dissolve.


She feels impotent.

She feels unkind.

She feels like salt

in water,






Sascha Darlington

8 thoughts on “This Harbor

  1. she is such a an enigma – drains despair was my favourite line. i think we look for signs that are already there but missed before. the hour of waking has a lot to do with our subconscious prompting. being made to feel unkind is a very hurtful thing to me. I’d want to find a way out of this

      1. oh Sascha, your words make me smile, I appreciate your writing very much, it always makes me think and question so much more than what’s on the surface.

  2. we all tend to watch for signs, especially at night when I can’t sleep or in the dark am I wrestled with doubts. I would not want to be drained of good intention, I feel for those unhappy emotions expressed.

  3. Lovely piece. I’m a bit superstitious. I never thought so, but we all of certain things. A sixth sense and premonition I think. A tingle at your neck or perhaps bad things come in 3 like on Greys in the first or second season. Either way exquisite writing with much depth & feeling. Great prompt response however or whatever inspired it.
    I’ll knock on wood now. So, your inspiration remains!

  4. Oh my! My out loud response at the end of reading this!
    But first, my apologies for my late response. Hope you do not harbor any ill will for my tardiness!
    All that said….I am soooo glad the lights went back on so you could post this!
    These lines
    “She feels like salt
    in water,
    These words are just amazing to me. I never would have thought (never did) of this comparison but it is absolutely right on! Sometimes we carry “scars”/salt/wounds within our psyche that no one can see….it is invisible like the salt within the ocean’s water. And to use this idea of salt….and I think of that phrase of pouring salt on the wounds and the pain that causes. These are just great great lines!
    So glad you posted to the prompt!

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