NaNoWriMo Noveling!

Two years ago, although it seems far, far longer ago, I completed a NaNoWriMo novel on my blog with an entry pretty much every day. I think I may have missed one and then had to spew forth a few thousand extra words on another day.

I asked for your help in deciding plot and characters and genre. I thought it might be interesting to do it again. If you think it might be fun to watch this writer’s torture plotting and crafting (heh, right?), let me know in the comments. If you would like to help drive this novel, also let me know. This will be a majority rules kind of thing, except for the actual writing…although your comments on how it’s going will help determine the outcome. So think of it like this: if you’ve ever hated the way a story was going and wished for a different direction, outcome, or whatever, here you go.

Obviously this will also be my commitment to provide the story every day. It’s kind of like watching a person who’s afraid of riding a roller coaster going on a roller coaster. I hope not to fail.

I am all ears. Let me hear what you think!


16 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Noveling!

  1. I think you should be all eyes not all ears, since you’re reading the comments, but that’s just me being a smart-ass and not helpful at all.

    This is an interesting idea. It looks like it could be fun for your readers and frantic for you. The concept made me think of those kids’ books where if you want Captain Rancidnuts to eat the cheese turn to page 86. If you want him to put in a tutu and sing opera turn to page 97. I’ll play, if you want to put youself through that. I want him to eat the cheese. He is a horrible singer.

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  2. I once saw a play at the National Theatre in London and I believe it was by Alan Aykebourne. In the first act one of the characters would toss a coin and that would decide which of three different story lines would be played out that performance. In order to be able to see all three plays, should you wish to, you could go on a night when the story line would be set in advance. Maybe you could offer more than one scenario as you go along and the comments could “toss the coin”. I’m not a writer of fiction however so this may just be too difficult and may not work within the time constraints of the Na No Wri Mo.

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