September Wrap Up!

september wrap up

Ah, the beauty of having a planner. You write stuff down in it and then you look at it and see the stuff you should have done a couple of days earlier. Well, that’s me anyway. You’re probably better organized than I am—like most of the world. I strive to do better! But here it is, better late than never, the September Wrap Up!

Book World

Book Reviews

I read so many good books this month! I’m also trying to increase the variety of books I review.

I was sent real books!

And, poor me ;), so many books to read in October and here are just a few:


Writing World

Lots of writing done in September, which is gratifying after a lackluster August. I participated in the free writes for the TUFF rodeo but didn’t qualify for the final event; I send out best wishes to those who have gone on to compete. I wrote lots of flash fiction and poetry. The most well-received seems to be my effort for Friday Fictioneers, Falalalala Foul Play, which was also a lot of fun to write. A floundering serial piece is in the works.

Looking Ahead

October is poetry writing month (OctPoWriMo) so hopefully I’ll make it a daily practice to write poetry. Also, I’m planning for November’s NaNoWriMo, and may include you in the plans. You can read my post about that here.

As always, thanks for reading!

Hello, October!

6 thoughts on “September Wrap Up!

  1. I am glad you posted this! I keep forgetting that Christina Lauren had a new one! I really need to get my Kobo out and grab it to read! My daughter (named Sadie) wants me to grab a copy of ‘Sadie’ so she can read it when she was older. It looked dark…

    1. Sadie IS dark. I’d hesitate to let anyone under 18 read it, although it is marked as YA.
      And, Christina Lauren has another new book coming out the first week of December, which I have in my pile.
      Happy reading! 🙂

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