OctPoWriMo Day 5, I Tried to Write of Denial

Catching up isn’t so difficult when you’re only one day behind! 🙂 Today’s prompt was: denial. Not the river. (Okay, you’ve heard that one.)


I Tried to Write of Denial

I tried to write of denial but my guts roiled, pitching as if I were a female passenger on a storm-visited ship steered by a gleeful misogynist. And I read the news today, oh, boy, and the roil continued, my jaw aching from clenched teeth.

Denial, take the fair maidens to the gala but don’t let them dance. Let them watch. Let their tempers rise until their frustration makes them march to a far different drummer from one you’ve ever envisaged.

And then you watch, watch them rise, all the fair maidens will no longer be fair and I wouldn’t dare cross them.


Sascha Darlington


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