The Dare

I’m early this week! Yippee! Thank you as always to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers!

Since “paranormal” seems to be winning in my NaNoWriMo poll (see here), I thought I’d better start practicing.


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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The Dare

Me afraid? Just because it’s Halloween, pitch-black, and the wind slides leaves like skeletal feet on concrete, and I’m alone in the haunted castle? Noooooo.

Somehow, I drift to sleep.

An icy grip awakens me. The pale boy frowns. “I have to leave you now. But they will come. They came for me.”

He disappears. He looked familiar, like the little neighborhood boy who died here one Halloween during a dare. Scared to death, some say.

I’m done. They can call me a coward.

My palm cups the door handle as the bolt snaps into place by unseen fingers.



Sascha Darlington


40 thoughts on “The Dare

  1. I don’t even like paranormal, but I got chills at the end. It takes a really good writer to draw me into a paranormal story, like a Stephen King. I read somewhere, perhaps plastered on your blog, that you write like Stephen King. Well done.

      1. I know, right?! I can’t handle it, too much for me. I can’t watch horror movies, or violent movies either and Julia Roberts Sleeping with the enemy about did me in. I’ve never been anxious about suspenseful movies, but that one had me hopping out of my seat and moving from chair to chair until it was over. Who knew!!

      2. I haven’t watched a horror movie since The Ring. That was one of the best ones ever. I think the need to be frightened changes over time. .. or something.

      3. I think it does. We become acclimated to what we see and they make it more real all the time which is scarier still. lol I’m just a marshmallow lol

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