The End

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funell

The End

Clearly, Bill knew nothing about her after all this time. High tea on an observation deck? Nice for a tourist and someone of a certain age. For her, acrophobic and lacking a sweet tooth? Not so much.

She waited, stared at the multi-leveled sweet tray, feeling sour.

They should just end it.

“Sorry I’m late. Things happened at work.”

On a Sunday.

She thought of her cozy sea-looking bungalow with Twinkles purring on her lap.

“Tea’s nice,” Bill said.

“Look, Bill—”


“You first.”

“It’s been…good.”

“Oh, yes.”

“But I think we should end it.”

“Oh, yes.”



Sascha Darlington

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  1. Well they might technically have been a little nearer heaven that day but their relationship definitely wasn’t made there! And Twinkles will be wanting his supper and her lap. Lovely pen picture.

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