The Writer

This is written for dVerse. An “early” quadrille. And for OctPoWriMo, “See Me,” as in the the writer.

The Writer

I am early for appointments but not rising.

Research says creatives create late

sleep in, even if it’s not true, it’s what I do

what I’ve done, forever, my flute echoing at midnight.

Keystrokes ringing at 2 am while others dream

I scheme dreams.


Sascha Darlington

8 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. keystrokes ringing – loved that line Sascha! and writing at that time is very early to me. i also like how you scheme dreams – like an elf!

  2. I used to be more of a late night/wee hours kind of person but since I retired I’ve become an early bird. I love being reminded of ‘flute echoing at midnight’ (for me it was a guitar) and ‘Keystrokes ringing at 2 am while others dream’. The internal rhyme in ‘I scheme dreams’ reminds me of a night elf or sandman, too, Sascha!

  3. Hello fellow night owl! I do most of my writing at night, plan trips, paint rocks…even bake. Love your last line of scheming dreams….

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