Soup’s Off Cover

Some people may be using this valuable pre-NaNo time for doing necessary things like writing outlines and character sketches, but me? Well, I use this valuable time to create a cover because we know that’s what’s important, right? πŸ˜‰


soup's off cover


But seriously, I am now off to do an outline. I just have this really bad habit of going off on tangents…

8 thoughts on “Soup’s Off Cover

  1. It must be a writer thing. If I had a paragraph for ever tangent or distraction, I could be Stephen King prolific. Even in conversation, I am constantly apologizing for my tangents.

    What were we talking about?

    Oh yeah, I like the simplicity of the cover. It doesn’t really convey what the story’s about, though. I get that there’s soup involved, which doesn’t invoke the magic of the story I know you’re going to write. Maybe a wand instead of a spoon. I, of course, have no artistic talent, so it’s easy for me to suggest tweaks.

    1. I’m chuckling as I read your comment because while I should be doing this outline…I’d much rather add magic to my cover. lol

      I have almost convinced myself that I should do the outline by hand so that I am not anywhere near the internet/computer temptations.

      1. I’m often jealous of the likes of Mark Twain & Charles Dickens who didn’t have our modern distractions. Shit, they didn’t even have radio. I’m sure they still found their distractions.

      2. I think that having all of these distractions lessens our discipline, which I bet they and Hemingway and Faulkner et al had in great quantities. Imagine locking yourself in a room with just your typewriter or notepad, and working for 8 hours with maybe a break for a meal. I think the internet age has given me attention deficit. πŸ™‚

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