Review of The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book

The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book: 80 Mouthwatering Plant-Based Recipes You'll Want to Wake Up For by [Horn, Nadine, Mayer, Jörg]


The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book

80 Mouthwatering Plant-Based Recipes You’ll Want to Wake Up For

Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer

The Experiment

October 30, 2018

Blurb80 delicious, healthful, and diverse vegan breakfasts to plant-ify your mornings

Breakfast is a key part of a balanced and nourished day—but for vegans it can also be the hardest meal to enjoy. Traditional breakfast fare is often loaded with animal products, leaving few options besides fruit and basic grains. But with The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book, vegans will have a new reason to say “good morning” thanks to these satisfying, nutritious, and flavorful recipes to start every day, whether you’re looking for something…

  • Fast: Unwrap a Breakfast Burrito with mushroom and chickpea “scramble,” or spoon up some ‘Nana Nice Cream with overnight oats for concentrated energy on the go.
  • Filling: Boost your workouts with Power Waffles, Breakfast Sausage, Tempeh Bacon, and mini Breakfast Burgers.
  • Fresh: Relax and greet the sun with a tropical Green Smoothie Bowl, or sip your way to a healthy glow with the Super Antioxidant Shake.
  • Fun: Wow your brunch guests with Glazed Baked Donuts and Pesto Bread, and whip up batches of fresh nut butters and jams for a treat any time of day!

With this comprehensive guide to all things breakfast, plant lovers have a whole new reason to saver mornings.


I feel like I am forever in search of a tasty, protein-rich vegetarian breakfast sans eggs that will keep me sated until lunch without taking a lot of time to prepare. I know, not asking much, right? And this is the reason why I frequently look for vegan recipes because I know they won’t include eggs.

The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book offers a variety of breakfast recipes including smoothies, “breakfast to go,” bowl breakfasts, “hot off the stove,” as well as brunch recipes and a section of coffee and tea recipes.

Personally, I never find smoothie recipes intriguing mainly because they’re typically highly caloric and don’t fill me up. Since the authors have opted not to include nutritional information, I really can’t tell you if their smoothie recipes follow tradition or not. I can tell you that the ingredients for some of them don’t fit my idea of breakfast. But that’s me. I know a lot of folks love drinking their greens and avocado for breakfast. It is definitely healthy.

The porridge recipes to me don’t offer much new, perhaps that’s because I’ve been trying out new “bowl” recipes for weeks now trying to find something that will fill me up, have protein, and not be silly sweet. I am, however, intrigued by the use of buckwheat and will probably try out some of the buckwheat bowl recipes since buckwheat is high in protein.

The authors proclaim that kala namak, a black salt from South Asia, is their secret weapon for imparting an egg-like flavor to savory breakfast dishes. I have seen it used to make vegan egg salad and added to tofu scrambles so I’ll probably track it down to add to some of my creations.

The savory lentil-leberwurst spread is definitely one recipe I’ll try, as lentils are also high in protein. The beets on bagel, however, don’t sound intriguing.

A lot of the recipes struck me as being on the sweet side, which is something I find I’m not interested in for breakfast. I suspect I may be in the minority on that one.

My digital copy of The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book doesn’t include pictures, but from the blank spaces, I am led to believe that there are a lot of photographs accompanying the recipes, which is always welcome.

All in all, I suspect this cookbook would be desired by a lot of new vegans who are trying to find a load of healthy recipes in one place and perhaps not so much for those of us who have been constantly looking for different, filling and protein-rich breakfasts.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

rating: 3-and-half

3 butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies


7 thoughts on “Review of The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book

  1. Vegan breakfast can be tough. I typically go for a bowl of blueberries (organic frozen), a banana, and any other fruit I can find–strawberries, or grapes, or pineapple. And throw some kind of juice in there. But I’d love to find a good pancake or muffin recipe, because I do like sweets for breakfast. 🙂 Once again, thanks for the reviews of vegan cookbooks. You help raise awareness that there is a healthy alternative to killing animals.

  2. I will tell my daughter about this one as she’s into smoothies and is enjoying buckwheat. I remember eating buckwheat cereal or porridge or some such for breakfast as a kid. Will be interesting I’m thinking.

      1. The only smoothies I find filling have either banana or avocado in them. The avocado especially and it doesn’t add any flavour, it’s just extremely filling. Not sure if you’ve tried this or not, I was shocked, especially as I’d always hated avocado. Now I can’t get enough avocado lol

      2. Ah, I’ve only been a fan of avocados in guacamole, I think it’s a texture thing although I’ve been trying to love them in other things. I might have to try it in a smoothie. I’ve not liked smoothies because they’re rich in calories but not filling. 🙁

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