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So I just sighed in a huge, audible fashion, which you couldn’t hear (be glad for that) because I think I am finally getting to a place where I’m 65% ready for NaNoWriMo. I have an outline, which I’ll probably ignore as I start the actual writing, because all good pantsers do that or else we lose our hard-earned title.

I have caught up (I think, I need to sort through my email and calendar) with the books that will be touring in the coming weeks. They’re read, reviewed, and scheduled.  And I have practiced a great deal of discipline to not sign up for new book tours in the November.

(Ha, as I’m writing, I realize that I haven’t written the book review for novel I finished last night…another sigh with an eye roll this time.) 😀

Anyway, I haven’t been here in anything but a scheduled fashion for a few days so thought I’d check in, say: “Howdy!” and see what’s going on.

If you’re taking part in NaNo and want to share what you’ll be writing in the comments, please do so that we can come by and commiserate with you in a few days or offer handy plot suggestions like zombie apocalypse or alien abductions or the discovery of a long lost twin. I do hope if you’re doing NaNo that you win and feel proud of your accomplishment!

And if you’re taking part in NaNo vicariously (precariously?) through me, don’t forget that I highly encourage plot suggestions or other suggestions (except giving up) and comments of most kinds (except giving up).

I will be doing my monthly wrap-up tomorrow, which won’t be as lengthy as I would expect, but there you have it…whatever it is.

Thanks as always!

Sascha D and Scout the Faithful Companion

11 thoughts on “Taking a Breath!

    1. I think thousands of people all over the world compete and, yep, we’ve got jobs. When you figure that it’s 1667 words a day, that’s not too bad. The trick is not to get too far behind and if you do, make it up on the weekend. I’ve always had Thanksgiving break in there which has been fantastic in the past.

  1. Good luck, Sascha. I’ll be doing Nano in nanometres (ie 10^-9) or about the size of an atom. I’m trying to think of a plot suggestion that isn’t alligators or what you mentioned above (great ideas). Come to think of it, I don’t have an idea for my post on the weekend, that’s not good. How about an anxious writer who can’t cope, it turns into a writing phobia, he can’t type or write a single word, and in the end he turns to interpretive dance, the Crocodile Rock.

    1. on a gangplank above a sea of crocodiles….(or has that been done?) 😉

      Thanks, Steve. I have a feeling it could become the looniest bit of writing I’ve ever done…don’t know if that’s saying much though.

      1. Seems quite reasonable, Sascha, especially if it happened during an extraterrestrial invasion by Saurons from the Planet Eltonius.

        Loony sounds great to me, I don’t know why. Hahaha.

  2. i have been encouraged by another writer to partake of this madness and am contemplating it. maybe just what i need to complete the novel(s) that have been on the back burner and a collection of short stories. 1700 words a day is my target. plus i have two articles to submit (both are about 90% done) so am in a good place to commit and begin. only worry is my reading will suffer and i don’t have any off days to make up if I lag! well a start is better than not at all. i wish you all the best on your quest. it looks like you have plans well orgnised. I need to go get a bag of coffee and pre-order daily cake delivery, then I am set! nice post Sascha, the more I read your words, the more pumped I am!

  3. I am not partaking in NaNoWriMo, mostly because I don’t know what it is. National novel writing month? So, yes, vicariously through you.

    I have to laugh at the frlirst paragraph. I always marvel at how vastly different my final stories are from my outlines. “That’s the outline for this book? Who was (Character Name) supppsed to be?”

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