November Notes, Day 2, Lost

Thanks to Sarah Doughty and Dipendra Tamang for bringing us the third year of November Notes.

This song is one of my favorites, REM’s “Losing My Religion.”


The smile dies on the lips as her words become clear.

You must know “losing my religion” isn’t about faith,

it’s about losing your shit, especially when the world

around you has become the land of the unenlightened,

the bigots, the haters, individuals who speak before

they think (if they think at all), the ones who practice

schadenfreude as a religion, pretend to be god-fearing.

The ones, like this woman, who want to ruin your day

because they are having a bad one or because

you and your dog move too slowly across the intersection

pissing her off enough to become another statistic

in murca; if only this was just a dream.


Sascha Darlington

9 thoughts on “November Notes, Day 2, Lost

  1. I could hear that, feel your frustration as I read. It’s potent and poignant. I like how you take us from a broad, national frustration to a single, specific encounter.

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