October Wrap Up

october wrap up

If you look in the dictionary for the word “sieve” it will have a picture of my brain. Literally, there will be a picture of my brain with lots of holes glowing white where all of the information and memories have evidently leaked out. It really can be the only explanation as to why, when I posted about 5 days ago and said there would be an October Wrap Up later that day…and then there wasn’t. No, it’s now November 4, and here’s the October wrap up. I’m so glad my current motto is: better late than never!

Book World

Book Reviews

As you may notice, I’ve begun adding more genres to what I review; it’s no longer fiction 24/7…well…not that it ever really was 24/7. But it’s been fun sharing cookbooks and knitting books as well as fiction.

Writing World

The rodeo was still going on at Carrot Ranch and although I’ve participated in the flash fiction events, I haven’t shared them with you because the judging was supposed to be blind…and it can’t very well be blind if I’m flashing it around the interwebz. As soon as the winner announcements are posted, I’ll share what I wrote with you all.

Also, we started planning for NaNo, as you may know the writing is underway for that.

And then I bombed at OctPoWriMo. Very poor showing.

Elsewhere in the Microcosm

I shared a picture of baby squirrel during the 2nd week of October or thereabouts. Here’s the latest, sorry for the quality. She’s not keen on being photographed especially when she just scored a prize.

baby squirrel 2 w l


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