The Banned Iceland Palm Oil Advert

Palm oil plantations may cause the orangutans to go extinct.

7 thoughts on “The Banned Iceland Palm Oil Advert

  1. i live close to such a place and it takes an ad to go around the world and be banned to raise awareness. lots of this happen in Borneo, not so much on the Peninsula where I live but some groups are helping relocate the orangutans. ironically the name orangutan is translated as people of the jungle.

    1. Until I saw this ad, I had no idea. It’s very sad. The problem is that most people don’t think about where things they use everyday come from. And, if they do become aware, what can be done to make people care?

      1. but it is not entirely accurate. forests are being cleared for logging activities. oil palm estates are mainly around the lowlands and need a different type of soil to grow. i feel a lot of information about asia and south east asia gets confused and mixed up with bits all over the place. orangutan are being driven out of their habitat by the loggers from foreign countries allowed in by governments promised economic gain and financial stability.

      2. yes it does create an awareness about the orangutan, as always I bring my information from here to my kids and we had a nice breakfast chat about deforestation and the western worlds presumption of what happens in Asia. illegal and reckless logging has a very negative impact on wildlife and soil erosion. I am so glad you took the time to research when such a video crosses your path.

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