Becoming the Squeaky Wheel

This was written for Friday Fictioneers.



Becoming the Squeaky Wheel

“Lucy never says no.”

“Lucy will stay overtime.”

“Lucy will come in on Saturday.”

Evidently Lucy is hard of hearing because they don’t lower their volume when talking about me. That probably makes me invisible too.

Jason, my crush, my fantasy hero, approaches with his disarming smile, his azure eyes. “Lucy, good day?”

I nod. Every day I see Jason is an excellent day.


He’s finally going to ask me out.

He drops a one-foot paper bundle on my desk. “Copy this, will you?”

Even he doesn’t see me. I shove the papers then fold my arms. “Not my job.”




23 thoughts on “Becoming the Squeaky Wheel

  1. We all root for the worm that turns. Of course, she’ll lose her job and go on the game. Her child will be ashamed and become first unmanageable and then delinquent. But, at last, there will be more Lucies, and they’ll all say no, and then firing them won’t be an option. And they will have a better life. And they’ll remember the first Lucy, the first one who said no

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