November Wrap Up

november wrap up

I think I read and reviewed some books during November, but the entire month feels like a blur, a NaNoWriMo instilled blur from which I’m still recovering. Actually, it feels good to catch up on all of the things that fell by the wayside. It would almost seem amazing that I got as many books read and reviewed as I did for November, except that I read a lot of them in October so that they’d be read for the November book tours.

Book World

Book Reviews

I was sent hardcopy books!


Writing World

As you may know, this was the month for NaNoWriMo, which took up a lot of time and seemed like far more effort than it ever has before. My observations on NaNo will be in another post soon, once I’ve figured how exactly how I felt about it and whether I thought the past month was legitimately worth it.

Elsewhere in the Microcosm

Scout and I welcomed Sophie Stella! She hasn’t even been here a week and she already seems right at home. Scout is still considering whether her arrival is a good thing or not.

sophie stella bed


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  1. The Geeky Chef Drinks looks fantastic! I love cookbooks, and one that talks about food and drink from all my favorite nerdy stuff is right up my alley.

    Sophie Stella looks beautiful!

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