Cheer Is Here

This is written for dVerse where tonight we are writing a quadrille using the word “cheer.”

Cheer Is Here


I grow solemn

to write of cheer

trying to force emotion

and philosophical thoughts.


A cold wet nose interjects

the metronome tail

a wail of gladness

upon my return

as if years I’d been gone

not mere moments.

Clearly my dear,

Cheer is here.

24 thoughts on “Cheer Is Here

  1. Not quite the reception I get from my cats but I’m looking forward to cold wet noses and metronome tails from my grand-dogs when I visit my daughter at the weekend!

  2. This is a wonderful write Sascha! Dogs are just furry love balls. We have two. Our oldest, Stanley, may be observing his final Christmas? 16-years-old and his health seems to be declining quickly. We will all miss “ole man Stan” when he is gone! ;-(

    1. I believe in never say never. I’ve loved my old dogs. They have taught me a great deal about life. And, yes, I can’t describe the missing them when they’ve gone. Best wishes and hugs to you and Stanley.

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