The Rat-Ass Nutcracker

I’m still playing with the new editor. We’ll leave it at that rather than have a rant fest. 

This was written for Carrot Ranch.

The Rat-Ass Nutcracker

Look at that graffiti, adding whimsy, art even, to this otherwise festering blight of a urine-soaked street dotted with discarded used syringes, shattered malt liquor bottles, and hamburger wrappers.

One of the sanitation workers shouted “rat-ass” upon viewing my latest creation, but it’s not like they’re going to remove it, or me—they’d have to catch me first and no one ever suspects a blonde teenage girl in this area.

One remarked, “You be careful. Lousy neighborhood.”

I begin my next creation for Christmas, I decide, a rat pirouetting in a pink tutu to be named: The Rat-Ass Nutcracker.



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  1. I have so far avoided the ‘new’ editor… And I shall go a kicking and a screaming if I must. I didn’t like the last ‘new’ change, and am guessing I’m not going to appreciate the ‘new’ program either.

    Anyway… I did enjoy your flash! If an elephant can wear a pink tutu why not a rat? 🙂

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    • I’ll work with the new editor. I’m always amazed by suggestions that something that’s been dumbed down can be superior. I saw that with WordPerfect vs. Word. WordPerfect was far superior and stronger. Alas, we’ll see what happens.
      And, thanks for you comments, Jules. It is a cute rat, btw.

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