The Christmas Present I Got Myself

aka why you haven’t heard from me in days…

So I decided to try something different for Christmas this year: treat myself to a case of bronchitis, because I thought, well, I’ve never had it before so let’s give it a go. It was the worst Christmas present one could get oneself. If you have the opportunity to present yourself with bronchitis, just say “no.”

Parties, dinners, preparing Christmas brunch and Christmas dinner all were affected by fatigue, coughing, the phlegm procession, the 100-mile per hour sneezes. Talk about putting a damper on a celebration. Even packing for the annual New Year’s pilgrimage to OBX felt like trying to move through a viscous fog, taking more hours than it should have and even when I was done, I didn’t know if I’d actually packed all of the required items or if I’d get there and discover that instead of sheets and towels I’d packed conspiracy theory newspaper clippings, which I don’t have, but somehow didn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities.

Yet I’m here in Kitty Hawk. The day that had promised to be rainy has allowed sunshine to creep in just as I am trying to let the sunshine creep into me and heal not only my body but my mind.

I’m back just in time to ring in and bring in the New Year.

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17 thoughts on “The Christmas Present I Got Myself

  1. Poor you Sascha! Hope 2019 starts brighter and better for you.
    I had flu over Christmas one year, never knew what hit me, it was that fast, and I couldn’t eat the duck Hubby had cooked! Drat and blast! I was off work for over a week.

    1. Thanks. It’s always a bad time to be sick (not that there’s ever a really good time), but when you have people depending on you. But we got through it and I fell 75% better so it’s all good and I am so looking forward to this new year. Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  2. i hope you get better soon and some sunshine does you good, wish i could bottle some and send it your way. i wish you a blessed and wonderful 2019 Sascha!!

    1. Thank you, Gina. I think today has been great so far. I’m not totally better, but it’s on the horizon and I’m setting my sights on having a fantastic New Year. Dear Gina, I wish you the very best in the coming New Year! Take care and be healthy and write brilliant words! 🙂 And thanks for all of your support and your very encouraging words!

    1. I have definitely made a note of it. I’ve knocked two out this year. No more strep throats and no more bronchitis. Actually, I’m not hoping to try any new diseases for a long while now after these two. haha. I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year, Anne, and the same to Biasini and your other family!

  3. That’s horrible. I used to always get sick for the holidays. I remeber one year spending Christmas in my parents’ waterbed sick with the flu. At least, I waited till after presents. This year it’s dogs. One had surgery. One’s in heat. One’s going crazy because his mom’s in heat. It doesn’t sound nearly as bad as your holiday. Take care and get better.

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