Weather’s Roller Coaster

Written for dVerse. Happy New Year and the first dVerse of the year.

sun through trees

©Sascha Darlington

Weather’s Roller Coaster

I could write of fierce January with winds whirling through the naked willow limbs, gunmetal gray skies unyielding, frigid cold, but it wouldn’t be today, a gift of sunshine and short sleeves.

The calendar indicates winter has arrived, but not the typical weather until tomorrow’s early hours when winds shift, rains pour, and temperatures plummet with the promise of snow in the offing. Even this evening, with the sun set, the temperatures slowly drop and playing voices echo as if it were spring with summer days away.

This is a reason to live in the moment, to enjoy the present of sunshine and balm, a spring-feeling evening in January.


Today’s sun etches

Warmth while spring bulbs peek upward.

Saturday snowfall.

14 thoughts on “Weather’s Roller Coaster

  1. I don’t know what’s worse, constant ‘gunmetal gray skies unyielding, frigid cold’ or rollercoaster weather when you don’t know what to expect from one day to the next – and what might happen to those poor spring shoots?

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