Fully Past and Gone

This was written for Friday Fictioneers. My first of the New Year and hopefully one of many more to come. Many thanks, as always, to the wonderful, inspirational Rochelle.

Fully Past and Gone

It’s New Year’s Day, and the beach is crowded with revelers celebrating this gift of warm, windless sunshine and spring temperatures.

Merrie felt hope a minute after midnight, but sunrise brought a day like yesterday, echoing thoughtless cacophony.

She watches walkers on the beach. There are two kinds. Ones who don’t care they crunch on seashells and ones who dance around the tidal stockpile, searching for magic.

A porpoise leaps in shallow water. Could this be a sign?

Liam mocks her signs. “Start living your fecking life.”

Only recently she realized how different their perceptions of living actually were.



Sascha Darlington

28 thoughts on “Fully Past and Gone

  1. Time for her to move along on porpoise. His use of “fecking” kinda points to his belittling her thoughts, dreams, and in the end, herself.

  2. I like the phrase ‘thoughtless cacophony’. Perhaps Merrie and Liam can balance each other out? Hopefully, he doesn’t make a complete cynic out of her first.
    Good story to start off the new year.

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