Townhouse 104 #amwriting

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Townhouse 104

We knew her barely, the woman who died in townhouse 104.

People spread rumors, gossip. Even if you’re not a part of it, you hear.

She was a lesbian, a mother who aborted, a drug user, an alcoholic, a tattooed artist. She was abused. She abused. She was loved. She was hated. She had lovers. She was alone.

What the gossips never discerned is how she fell through the glass, her death.

How the neighbors waited, bated breath for her toxicology. Negative on all counts.

You could see them sputter, saliva splashing with reactive jowls.

Cries spilled, disregarded. Someone cared.



Sascha Darlington

31 thoughts on “Townhouse 104 #amwriting

  1. Brilliant! So close to reality about the nasty gossipers when a woman is not quite the subdued angel they expect. Thanks.

  2. “Saliva splashing with reactive jowls”. I love how, in the end, it is the ones expressing their disgust of her, who provoke the most disgust in the reader. I also like the added meaning of “reactive,” as if they sputter automatically, as an unavoidable chemical reaction, to their lies being uncovered.

  3. Horrible people and their gossip based probably on nothing but lies. Like Neil, the sentence that screamed at me was “Even if you’re not a part of it, you hear.”
    Very well done, Sascha.

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