The Epitaph of the Reverse Snob

The struggles were real, my friends. I couldn’t write about columns to save my life. But the end date loomed, and you do what you gotta do. (haha)

This was written for Carrot Ranch, thanks, Charli! If you haven’t visited the wonder of Carrot Ranch, a supremely supportive group of writers, do visit by following the link above.


The Epitaph of the Reverse Snob (99 words)

We were supposed to be impressed with his primping, his crisply ironed clothes which all bore logos, his affectation for mentioning who he was wearing if a logo wasn’t in evidence.

Rachel, of course, pitied him. “He’s insecure.”

“He talks all the time. About himself.”


I thought he was like the columns on the front of McMansions, all façade. Even in retrospect, I wouldn’t have changed my mind. Rachel’s wealthy now, wearing her own logos and baulked, momentarily, when he wanted columns on the front of their new home.

Me, I’m writing layered material, barely making ends meet.



6 thoughts on “The Epitaph of the Reverse Snob

  1. I love this.

    I did the same thing on intiation into the Carrot Ranch. I had a start sitting there but wasn’t sure about it. I realized the deadline was encroaching. I whipped something up. The pressure definitely worked well for you.

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