Under the Frigid Moon

The moon silvers the sidewalk.

She thinks of Diana, the huntress,

the moon goddess,

who vowed never to marry.

She thinks of earlier days

of reading romances

nose to page

believing the myths.

Love changes everything.

Love conquers all.

Love is.

Now years into relationship—

she cringes at the coldness

of the word—


She cringes at all the promises

he’s disavowed.

She wanted so much to be with him;

she did anything.


She broke so many promises to herself.

until she felt ice inside.

And here, she wakes under Diana’s frigid moon,

in a frigid winter

wanting to be held,

wanting love,

while he snores,

His vicious words repeating ad nauseum

in her brain

and she’s left wondering

Was there anything ever there?

Or was it her romantic ideals


4 thoughts on “Under the Frigid Moon

  1. I’ll hold you. Friends are so much warmer.

    But never stop believing in the myths. They are beautiful fictions that deserve our worship, as literature goes.

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