It’s raining. Again. I feel as if, after the past year with record rains, I should perhaps comment when it is sunny. But I love the sound of the rain. It’s like nature’s music. The same with wind.

I was feeding the birds, tossing some peanuts to the squirrels, when the wind came up. Such an amazing thing, stillness and then the neighbor’s wind chimes shook as if pinpointing the exact direction from which the wind came. I stood there, not yet, feeling the wind, but then it edged closer like a caress. Now the gusts increase, leyland cypress sway side to side, more bare branches from the willows fling themselves at the windows and deck. You can hear each gust approach, distant, echoing, as if passing through a tunnel before it arrives.

So many sounds erupt: the chirping of sparrows, the tiny thump of squirrel paws on the deck, the rain, the wind.

And for all of this, I am grateful.




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