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Jigsaw (98 words)

We presumed she’d run. Taken that old clunker and made for other pastures, any were greener than these populated by a drunk husband and five bratty kids.

Dad sobered up, had to. He hired a private detective; nothing panned out. She disappeared from not only our lives but the earth. Until they pulled that clunker out of the lake.

I was a new deputy, watching my mother’s car hoisted up, murky water gushing from its body. We didn’t find remains, just a full suitcase of clothes.

The sheriff considered the case closed. I didn’t.

Dad seemed strangely relieved.


Sascha Darlington

23 thoughts on “Jigsaw

  1. Ooh, this is a good one. I found “strangely relieved” to be ambiguous. Dad could be relieved because no body, no crime, or no body still means a possibility of life. Though, the “strangely” does point more toward guilt.

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