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I don’t know who Ben Watson is, but he really seems to care about me. Every day I get several emails from him offering to save me money on my coffee, telling me about my Amazon orders (how does he know?!), about rate reductions, benefits approval notices, my incomplete application (for what, I don’t know, but he seems to; I wonder if it’s a new job?) and the latest is that Walmart owes me $15,000. $15,000! I’m positive that I’ve never even spent that much money at Walmart over my  lifetime.

What a good soul this Ben Watson must be to email me every day, to care about all of these little things I’ve evidently over looked.

Do you have a Ben Watson in your life? (Wink, wink.)  😉

Ben Watson (

To:you Details

Walmart Could Owe You $15,000:

Walmart got sued for the way that they have been running their business. As a result, they are being forced to give up to $15,000 back to some of their customers.

If you have ever shopped at Walmart, you are owed money.

Find Out How Much Walmart Owes You >

Please let us know how we can help

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All of Ben Watson’s emails end up in my spam folder. They are spam. This is satire.

20 thoughts on “Caring Emails

      1. I enjoy taking time to make that kind of scammers lose theirs 🙂 At least, while I entertain them, they don’t bother gullible people 😛

      1. You know what Community Chest is. I refuse to believe you have never played Monopoly. “Bank error in your favor, collect $5.”

      2. lol I forgot that’s what it was called. I did google. Came up with one urban dictionary meaning, which I was pretty sure wasn’t the one you were going for and another charity organization. 😀

      3. I had to Google the Urban Dictionary meaning. No, that was not remotely my intended meaning. I was going strictly for the Monopoly sense. No double entendre or any other meaning.

  1. Ben Watson is a really caring guy! He must have a lot of love to spread because I too get all of these wonderfully crafted emails trying to “help” me get my money from Wal-Mart and figure out what happened to the Amazon package (that I didn’t order) or something, something about taxes an soooo many more *eyeroll* He really does seem to be looking out for me. Here I thought I was special but alas I suppose sharing is good too since he does seem to love us so much.

    I’m at least comforted that I’m not the only one that is afflicted…I mean blessed with Ben and his Ben-evolence LOL!

    Sidenote: I have reached out to Stilt Media about Ben through both their website and through Twitter (1 tweet directly to them and another into the twitterverse. I’m waiting to hear. If I find anything out I will comment here.

      1. Sascha,

        Thanks 🙂 and yes I think that does work written. Easier to spot the intended pun.


  2. Sascha,

    I’m glad you appreciate my humor 🙂

    I did hear back from Guigo at Stilt Media and he was emphatic that Ben has nothing to do with them and they have been trying to get him shut down. His email read as extremely annoyed if not angry. I don’t blame them. I gave them some info I happened across and offered to give them the spam I get if they need to help their complaint against our Ben-efactor and perhaps this behavior will become Ben-eath him and our in-boxes can be un-Ben-t 😉

  3. Just came across your article here, while I was trying to find out who the heck Ben from Stilt Media was. I just got another email today re PayPal money.
    Thanks for the info and the laugh.

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